About the platform

My name is Decryp70. You may know me from my blog or my web series.

I am a privacy, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin advocate that is seeking to build dailycryptonews.org into a platform that serves as a one stop shop for all of your crypto resources including, news, information, guides, tutorials, and more. When the time is right and we have enough traffic to support it, we will be integrating a marketplace to here that will allow the average user to be able to buy things with easily using crypocurrency, and the ultimate goal is to eventually, even allow users to be able to sell things with cryptocurrency.

I am striving to build this website into new and original platform. Dailycryptonews.org will serve as a one stop for Bitcoiners, Crypto-Punks, Cypher-Punks, Investors, Techies, and anyone else that is interested to be able to come and participate within the Crypto-Ecosystem and Economy, easily, securely, and worry free.

The hardest part is to be able to do these things without anyone needing to trust me but for now I am afraid that I will have to ask for you to trust me that I want the best for our decentralized future and that I am doing everything I can to enable Bitcoin and Crypto adoption around the world.

The goal is to keep this entire platform ad-free and shill free.

This is why your support is needed and very much appreciated.

Right now, we are looking into cryptocurrency options similar to Bitcoin that can be used as a form of payment that we will accept in order to post articles to our news feed.

If you are interested in becoming an early adopter and tester of our system because you have crypto-content that you want to share with the world then please contact me using our contact form, email me, or direct message me on our Discord so that we can talk. We will allow anyone to post uncensored articles and blog posts for a small fee that will be used to maintain and grow the platform.

You can support us in other ways such as by donating directly or by subscribing to our mailing list. (I’ve never sent out an email, yet. I will probably be sending an email once a month or once a quarter once the website is finished and established.)

We certainly wouldn’t mind the help of a web developer or two that can help us make everything seamless. If this is a way in which you can contribute then we welcome you with open arms! We do not have money to hire a web developer, right now but if you want to work on a project that helps enable Bitcoin and crypto adoption then we would love to talk.

You can support us by following us,  upvoting, and re-steeming/sharing our content on Steemit.

Steemit is a groundbreaking new decentralized social media platform that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by posting content and upvoting content. We would like to possibly implement Steem as one of the options for payment on our platform in the future.

(STEEM can be exchanged for Bitcoin (BTC) on major exchanges like Binance.)

You can also support us by subscribing to our broadcast on Bit.Tube, called, “Coin Decrypt”

We will be live streaming on Bit.Tube whenever we are recording for our new podcast or when I am editing a new video.

(TUBE is another currency that we would like to consider as an option for payment on the platform and it can be sold to exchanges like Trade Ogre with others coming soon).

(You can sell your BTC for USD if you need to on exchanges like Coinbase and Uphold.)

Please understand that this website is an experimental work in progress and its success will be determined by how much people actually use and support it.

The primary reason that we are even allowing donations and want to monetize the platform using cryptocurrency is so we can keep this site ad-free and make this website more secure by adding HTTPS, and by putting all of the proper security measures in place. Things that all cost money.

We also need to renew our hosting in March, 2019, and because the Bitcoin markets have been unkind this year, our budget is drained.

We would like to pay for some marketing campaigns and advertising to promote the organic growth of dailycryptonews.org, and our new show, Coin Decrypt.

Our goal is to enable cryptocurrency use and adoption as much as possible. We want to help make it an easy and simplified process for anyone and everyone who is interested.

You can donate to the following addresses, thank you very much and keep checking back as we are updating the site daily to add content and build the foundation for a truly positive space to learn about, transact with and use Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Donate to support the dailycryptonews.org project:

Bitcoin BTC: 1FQ6rJZHToV5ZUPJCxtBHLBjdoTwkXk78g

Litecoin LTC: Lh48iqbZ6sQKrYgpX7XhG1XktmkjyqFxRw

Ethereum ETH: 0x7214Cd2853E9BC30C8833b1117a48eF8A3f67ACF

Ethereum Classic: 0x24A00720D4354A5Af3e97d64F9a25C26Faf4ccB1

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Dash DASH: XyG4kEAXdq7rxhoAvfisSWyZTywxVaWbXK

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Basic Attention Token BAT: 0x7214Cd2853E9BC30C8833b1117a48eF8A3f67ACF

Monero XMR: 43sQaBwmMvreNZArTMVgHkKZ4vgqmioKmCKUkcWpBTNtCPXuafHxVEe3UESyLQaCs83NErZTW2Zj65MzA4qfdTYg674b1jj

BitMoney BIT: PEKAVJJsdXGcfLwhC9qE6LUFEr4JxncsPT

PrimeStone PSC: XeXPSQXg3L86DiZJcDgxbzDvoju9BFj3RN

Paxex: PDxYKLTKcAkCSFe6NsLfCwJZhj2nM75sXK

If you would like to make a donation but you do not see your coin listed here then please hop into our discord channel and let us know to add it and we will, simple as that. We are serious about promoting cryptocurrency adoption and will support the coins that our members trust.

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